10 reasons to have a ukulele by COMUNIDAD UKULELERIA

by Mariana Valdez May 14, 2020

10 reasons to have a ukulele by COMUNIDAD UKULELERIA

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I am Dulce Bernal and these are my 10 reasons why having a ukulele is
Without a doubt this quarantine brings out our most creative sides, and perhaps you have already thought about acquiring your ukukele, and if not, this is the "push" that the state has been waiting to have.

  1. It is easy to learn to play it.
    With just 4 chords (basic) you can do WONDERS. In the ukulele shop you can find the brand's ukulele Kala Color Chord , this is the ideal for beginners, since having these chords marked with different colors makes it easier for you to create your new musical pieces.

  2. Versatile:
    Thanks to its great sound it can accompany from reggae to jazz. AND OF COURSE, solo sounds even more spectacular.

  3. Easy to transport:
    Being small it is perfect to take anywhere.

  4. For all ages:
    We return to point number 1, being easy to learn it is the ideal instrument for children and adults. I assure you that everyone will want to play it!

  5. There are a wide variety of sizes:
    the sopranino, the classic soprano, the concert, the tenor or the baritone; Each ukulele is designed for every need. We are sure to find the ideal one for you.
And with this we get to point 6
  1. There are a wide variety of materials:
    From classic wood, El aguaman or even a hybrid, A ukulele adapts for what you need.

  2. It is a happy instrument:
    According to a study by Wheaton College, music offers long-term benefits with an emphasis on increasing productivity and brain acuity. And a study that I carried out (100% reliable😂), ukulelists are happier. Without a doubt the benefits are many, but the most important is to improve as a person. Just as our body needs food and water to survive, it thinks of music as bread for the soul. Also if you are not really close to music literacy, at least you will start to see the world with different eyes.

  3. There is an immense variety of prices and these are mostly quite affordable.

  4. You create incredible moments:
    You can connect with people through it, and I'm sure more than one person will brighten your day with a song.

  5. The bond that is created with the ukulele is stronger in life.
    Just like the Japanese legend of the red thread, at the end of the road, your ukulele will be with you always.❤️
Do you have any other reason? Make it saber for more people to join this great ukulele community.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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