10 IDEAS To paint / decorate your ukulele YOURSELF!

by Mariana Valdez 13 September, 2020

10 IDEAS To paint / decorate your ukulele YOURSELF!

Give your ukulele a new look

You have a ukulele for years and want to give it a new touch?
or just customize a new ukulele. You can do it!

Surely before arriving here you were wondering Can I paint my ukulele myself?
Now you will know that it is, and we leave you here some tips so that you can paint your ukulele without dying in the attempt.


1. Keep sooo clear in mind that you want to capture, to make it easier and avoid trying to delete it.

2 get good quality paint and special brushes, this so that what you want to paint is beautiful and easy for you to do.
Vinyl paint is the best option.

3. choose a large place to do it, to avoid accidents with paint.

You can paint the top, the sides, the back and even the pegbox !!
It all depends on the creativity you put in.

Remember that it is wood, and the sound comes out through so-called "pores" so if you load your drawing or painting a lot, it is possible that the sound is slightly opaque.

well, since you know about this I leave you here some ideas to try to replicate them or inspire in this activity with your ukulele.


These drawings are some that I found on Pinterest:

designs with flowers, leaves, animals, some very creative and the most common are the beautiful mandalas!

Which one do you dare to do today?

if you do any send it to us on facebook !!! we would love to see it.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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