La tamborerí Coming soon the drum house in Mexico

by Alan Ruiz Zavala March 26th, 2018


The taborería promises to be the drum house in Mexico, both physically and online for all lovers of drums and percussions. A place where you can easily find the drum you are looking for and especially of the best brands.

What will not be the drumming?

no stairway to heaven

It will not be the classic music house where you cannot play the instruments, since you will have the opportunity to listen to them and try them for yourself before buying them. If you don't know how to play there will always be someone to help you give your first steps.

social network

It will not be the online store where you can only send mail, you can contact us from any platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Wahtsapp. Ask all your questions about the world of percussion (all your doubts!).

What do we expect from the drumming?

We hope to be that someone to give you specialized treatment on the subject, and have the drum according to your needs, from bongos for children to professional djembes. Give you advice on how to start playing, how to practice and how to improve playing the drum

where to learn to play the djembe

We want to keep you informed about where to take classes, De los festivals that are made in the CDMX and do not miss anything about drum world and percussion.

African djembe festival

We have already prepared several blogs within our web portal where you can find different interesting stuff like what wood the instruments are made of, how do you tune a drum or why children are attracted to rhythms. You can take a look from ya. (click on the image) blogs

We expect that we can start very soon, therefore we will continue exploring the stores of the best percussion expert companies: TOCApercussion, REMO, TyCoon and MEINL.


Alan Ruiz Zavala
Alan Ruiz Zavala


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