Types of tunings and tension of the drums.

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Types of tunings and tension of the drums.

That? Did you think we didn't know how to tune or tighten a Djembé?
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Run for your drum because this will surely interest you. Don't worry here I wait for you doing funny things ...

Tensioning and tuning

Every instrument needs a correct tuning so that a brilliant and grateful performance can be carried out: the case of percussion instruments is no less.

Some drums are called candle drums because they must be exposed to heat sources before being touched. With this technique, the skin is optimally tensioned.


This is the case, for example, with daf Iranian. Often the performer owns a trio of dafs which is interspersed during the concert: the instrumentalist plays with one of them, while the others remain close to an infantry with incandescent embers (currently embers are usually replaced by light bulbs, which perform the same function).

This procedure is also followed with extremely thin skins, such as those of ram, as well as those of pericardium (skin that covers the heart), which usually carry some stringed instruments.

Certain drums carry a system of fixed voltage and exposure to heat is the only way to strain the membranes. Others allow to stretch or loosen the patch using screws or mechanical elements, as an example are our Bongos, drums and this triple drum.

Finally we find the instruments whose skins go tensioned by ropes, which in some cases can be animal gut.

Fixed tension percussion.

SIf the membrane is very loose, the skin should be replaced.
If it is only somewhat relaxed, we will apply heat before touching. As we explained above, we can put a light bulb underneath until the desired setting is achieved. The membrane will return to its initial position once it cools.

Mechanical tension percussion.

We will tighten the nuts, bolts or any other mechanism, taking into account that the tension must be uniform throughout the patch. Fixed and appropriate keys will be used, whenever possible. The tensioners will be tightened with an order in the form of a cross and in a progressive way, that is: we press a tensioner and then the one in front, continuing through the one at 45 degrees, and then the one in front of it, etc. ..

It is very important not to change the screws, nuts or rings of their original place, because it is possible that due to the tensions they have caught vices.

There are in the market (although somewhat expensive), devices that measure the pressure of the membranes. They are generally used to tune batteries, although they are valid for all types of drums. With this device we can adjust the patch tension evenly and without ambiguity throughout its circumference. If we achieve a similar tension with each tensioner, we will have a good sound in the instrument.


Percussion of chordal tension.

An alternative to this risky and complicated process is to treat these drums as if they were of fixed tension, and apply the appropriate technique for this case.

In the case of tensioning by inorganic ropes, we can carry out a manual tension by stretching them, or crossing them as we will explain below. It is a method widely used in djembes, drums, etc. ...

1. We look for the excess rope or add a piece of rope using a simple knot. We pass it over two vertical tension ropes (1 and 2 respectively)

2. We go back with the rope, passing it
below the 2 rope and above the 1 rope

3. We return in the initial direction by passing the string below the 1 and 2 strings:

We pull the rope in the same initial direction.

If you want to see it on video, we have made a video explaining a type of tension that in my opinion is very simple ...

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