African rhythms exposed in modern music: what music to listen to?

by Shopify API March 08th, 2018

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When we talk about African rhythms, the most common thing is that we think of a drum ensemble made up of Africans dancing and singing classical songs from some tribe but the reality is different. When we talk about African rhythms we go back to a style to play a drum. This time we will explore "contemporary" music that includes these styles. The fusion is impressive.

There is a music group called Jamaram which is to spoon it is like turning your ipod in random since they compose music in different musical genres such asl reggae and dub, afro, ska, latin, pop, balkan and even afro-beat. In his album called Heavy heavy (2015) in which we found the subject Ndikakutarisa full of life and rhythm of Zimbabwe / Africa As soon as we begin we feel in the middle of the Savannah, the rhythm is found in the xylophone and the constant hype, in a second part the battery joins and we can notice how the change is radical. The best of the African rhythm is concentrated right at the end saved as a candy for our ears.

If this is mixed race I invite you to listen to The Garifuna Collective. The Garífuna ethnic group extends mainly through Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua and Guatemala, is the fruit of miscegenation between Africans and Native Americans and their music is intangible heritage of humanity. It is clear that his music will be full of this combination of rhythms Afro / Latinos. Let's listen to the song Seremei Buguya this song can be found on the disc Ayo (2013).

In this song we can identify the rhythm from the beginning with the shell in the background, little by little the instruments are found with different rhythms having the only melody of the voice. A calm and relaxing song.

El grupo Afro Simba born in Kenya and the proposal is to combine modern music with the rhythms of Africa. In his piece called Kazi published on disk Panda (2016) we can find that on the percussion side an African ensemble sounds that carry all this style while a drums, guitar and bass (traditional base of a modern band) carry a funk rhythm. Without a doubt, this album knows how to transmit African rhythms in pure style. modern It is worth mentioning that this style has been called Mijikenda Fusion.

Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo It brings us an interesting proposal with the mix of rhythms from Portugal, Cape Verde and Congo. This song titled Eme Lelu We found it in Angola Soundtrack (1969 - 1978 compilation). In it we find an African reggae rhythm although the sound of the shell In the hit-hat it gives a Latin flavor.

Most of the groups that bring us these proposals not only play a specific genre but also experiment with different rhythms to improve their musical proposals. A clear example of this is the group Mattafix who manage to combine the styles of hip-hop, afro, rock, R&B, reggae, dancehall, blues, jazz and soul. The song Living Darfur (2007).

Some consider that most of the music scene is plagued with rock-pop and well what would happen if this genre is added the African flavor? This proposal can be heard clearly in the group of Afrorok who in your song Viens Chez Moi from the album Yassoua (2012) incorporate it in an exquisite way. They are clear about the purpose of the song since each part does not stop being rock or stop having a rhythm afro.

Jazz history is rooted directly from Africa since it is a musical genre created mainly by the mixture of Africans with American rhythms, with the passing of time the Afro rhythm was totally lost so the group Dereb Desaleng aka Dereb The Ambassador He decided to bring back those African rhythms to modern jazz. A clear sample can be found in the song Eshururu (Witness) (2013) and this genre has been called ethio-twist as it carries the traditional rhythm of Ethiopia.

Another proposal from the world of Jazz is from singer and songwriter Muyiwa Kunnuji with his band OSEMAKO, Muyiwa introduces the rhythm of yoruba accompanied by the traditional sounds of modern jazz in his song entitled step by step of his album Mo Juba (2013). In this song we can hear that the African rhythm never stops and enlivens all the music without interrupting the other instruments.

To finish this small repertoire of music I will leave you with another Jazz more Latin of the group Abayoni Afrobeat Orchestra. This band is from Rio de Janeiro and also includes instruments typical of their region such as agogo and Berimbau. The subject is Eru of your disk Abayoni Afrobeat Orchestra (2013).

If you have an artist or song in mind you can leave it in the comments you can also tell us if you already knew these Afro music jewels.

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