Which percussion instrument goes best with your style?

by Shopify API August 08 2018

Which percussion instrument goes best with your style?

Do you want to start playing percussion but you don't know what instrument to buy and that goes well with your musical style?

Do not be discouraged, here I have 5 types of percussion instruments that will make your mind explode and that surely after reading this you will no longer know which one to choose ...

This happens sooo often followed in Tamboreria (CDMX)Because of the wide variety of instruments we have, customers arrive looking for an instrument and end up taking another.


Las Congas

Congas are a classic within the elements of percussion. The typical sound of Cuban origin is recognizable in any formation of meringue, salsa and massacre around the world. Most congas sets are made up of two instruments, a fifth and a conga. For advanced musicians, a third instrument called a grave can be integrated, offering even more varied sounds. For those who prefer to play standing, there are also percussion stands.

The bongos

The bongos They are the little brothers of the congas and produce more acute and percussive sounds. The patches are made of plastic or thin skin and, as for congas, can be tuned individually. Traditionally, the two bongos are placed between the knees and touched sitting. But there are also bong brackets to be able to play without problems.

Some of the most characteristic rhythms of bongos are ...

Bomba, Bembé, Rumba, Tangos, flamingos, Tanguillos, Samba,
Bolero, Cha-cha and Mambo.

The Djembes

El djembé With its cup shape it is original from West Africa. In addition to the bass-rich sounds and the consecutive "slap" sound, it is extremely popular in percussion accessories due to its ease of playing. This African instrument is carved from the trunk of a tree and the patch of goatskin tensioned with strings. There are also plastic models Weatherproof and refined by a nut tension system.

If you are interested in playing it, these are the most characteristic rhythms of the Djembé ...

  • Mandiany: It is interpreted during agricultural work
  • Dounumba: This rhythm is performed at weddings.
  • Wolosodon: This is played during baptisms, and ceremonies of ablation and circumcision.
  • Moribayassa: Rhythm presented when a woman has sterility.
  • Kakilambe: The interpretation of this rhythm cannot be seen by children, and is applied to invoke the protection of the village.

If you did not know the history of the Djembé here I leave a blog that may interest you.



Thanks to them the grooves get rich due to this little trick. Egg shaker They are economical and easy to play, and with a studio shaker, you will gain in safe dynamics. You can get a denser sound with a cabasa. With a tambourine you can, for example, bend the blows of the box or rhythmically shake one hand while marking the accents with the other.

Its rhythmic stability makes the shaker a leader in the studio, you just need to start playing a bit of no bossa or samba, but also pop, r & b, rock or soul.


With different wooden blocks and Chinese boxes you can play different melodies. A mandatory element is a cowbell - or several - as for example to mark the times in a cha cha cha, cumbia, salsa or merengue.

All these instruments are very few for the great variety of percussion that exists, I hope this has helped you and do not forget to read the other blogs because they will surely help you a lot and have more love for percussion.

I love you so much, Karen Castillo.

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