What to do with the insects or worms that come out of your djembe?

by Shopify API December 28, 2018

What to do with the insects or worms that come out of your djembe?

Do you have a djembe that you don't use much and have you seen about it certain types of worms or insects? You do not know what to do?

In this blog I will tell you a little about how to remove this from the skin of the djembe?
And stop eating your beautiful djembe.

There are many types of insects, if among them there is an insect that you have seen, then I can help you.

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Termites
  • Scolitino
  • Beetles
  • Worms


There are several ways to deal with the problem. Some of these solutions use chemicals, and there is a risk that the wood will absorb the chemicals, leaving you with a drum that smells and can be dangerous. Be careful, wear masks and gloves when necessary.

  1. Freeze them:

    If you contract the infestation at an early stage, you may be able to store your drum by removing the skin and placing it in the freezer for 48 hours. Try lowering the temperature to about -20 C. Removing the skin is, of course, a great job. If your drum is large or has more than one, you may need a large freezer! Do you know someone who owns a restaurant? If the skin is badly damaged, it may need to be replaced.

  2. Scare them away:
    Place the drum in a large garbage bag and empty a can of insect repellent / nebulizer into the bag before sealing it for at least 24 hours. Try using a black bag and put the drum in the sun. Hopefully the heat helps kill the insects, as well as the spray. If you still can't get rid of them, you'll have to take out the big guns (the ones that use the pest control ones)

  3. Pest Control:

    Check if you can find one of the little creatures and take a picture. Send it to a pest control service and ask them to identify it, whether you ask for their service at home or they can guide you to know what insecticide you can buy and do it yourself if you have the knowledge. REMEMBER: EVERYTHING IN A VENTILATED PLACE!

  4. Chemicals:
    Finally, you can remove the skin and try to rub the wood with turpentine. Use this as a last resort, as your drum could smell for a while later. It would be better then to replace the skin and the rope.

Unfortunately, if the infestation is spread too late, the damage may be too severe and your drum may be ruined.

I hope you liked this blog a lot and now you know what to do.

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