Why is a percussion instrument the best for a child?

by Shopify API August 08 2018

Why is a percussion instrument the best for a child?

As you can imagine, in the Tamboreria (CDMX) Many parents arrive looking for their son to put aside the tablet, video games or television.

Fortunately for them in Tamboreria their children find a stress such as bongos, djembé, drums and even dundun.


Are you ready to know the reasons why a percussion instrument is the best?

1 Improves mental and body coordination

The percussion instrument es an excellent exercise of psychomotor skills, because it must be struck on the instrument to combine sounds and create rhythms.

2 Expression aid

To play this instrument (sometimes), it is necessary to involve the hands and feet. Having your whole body in motion makes your little one full of energy and feel free to express themselves both physically and emotionally.

Who would like to have a child who knows how to express themselves in any way?

3 Inhibits aggressive impulses

The energy that your little one deposits during his training with the battery, drum or whatever, It makes your mood improve and states of anger or anxiety are minimized and / or proactively eliminated.

4 Increase your ability to concentrate and focus

The required coordination is very important, since during the execution one hand is used for one pattern and another for the rhythm.

Your little one will gradually improve his concentration and attention. What feeds your reading and writing ability.

5 Stimulate creativity

Tu small can significantly increase your creativity, exploring and finding new rhythms, during your practice with the drums.

6 Improve your social skills

Al be part of a group, where each one is an important piece, Your little one will develop greater empathy for others and better communication in their environment. IsTar surrounded with the different members of your school or band, will allow you to have a better interaction with people.

7 Improve your reflexes

Al being the drums, the energetic part of the songs, will require rapid movements of the hands and feet, managing to improve reflexes and spatial visuality.

And last but not least ...

It will make you happier than it already is, so don't waste any more time and take advantage of these great advantages of playing a percussion instrument or the one of your choice.

I hope you liked this blog and that you continue reading the others that are coming.

Remember to visit us at Tamboreria and tell me if this blog helped you or if you want us to talk about any questions you have.

I love you so much, Karen Castillo.

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