Percussions for children: why introduce a child to music

by Shopify API February 27

boy with drum

It is proven that lto music, like all artistic expression, enables the development of emotions, imagination and develops expressive and psychomotor abilities But how to make a child experience music in a fun and productive way? The best option for us: Percussion.

Battery boy

We chose percussion to have a first approach to music since percussion instruments are mainly characterized by emit sounds without well-defined notes, so leave the do, re, mi, fa, sol aside for a moment, which sometimes costs a lot of work to learn.

black musical notationeighth musical notation

With a drum we can start learning simple movements with your hands doing that the rhythmic figures are syllables To better understand the rhythm. for example to give a blow we can use the syllable ta and for two strokes we can use the word syllables mom o casa:

musical notation

Another good reason to play percussions that we develop attention and stabilize emotions Since we can experience different textures in the sounds, for example, it is not the same to hit a drum with a drumstick with a wooden tip than with one that has a cotton tip. It will produce a different sensation and our ears will be attentive to recognize even the materials that cause these sounds.

tarolaold drum

When we keep the rhythm of a song we have to be constant or it will sound terribly unkempt, something curious that happens here is that an internal mechanism will be intuitively activated that will indicate that we are going to the wrong time. This helps the self regulation of our speed and in the long run it helps us to control our temper and patience.


The mental commitment improves thanks to the percussionists we perform mental calculations constantly between blow and blow not to leave the tempo. We will have to be somehow a walking clock.

When you see a child slap his legs or take the cutlery to hit the table He is an optimal candidate to take a percussion and discover his skills. We know that when we start we will make only noise and it will be a torture for parents but all for having him happy and active.

early stimulation

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