Brazilian percussions: What are the drums of Brazil called?

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baselian drums

Every culture in this world has grown in ways to make and interpret music in a different way, today we bring a compilation of those percussion instruments that are Brazil folklore. Discover what each of these instruments is called and how they are used.

Brazilian drumming festival

Percussion instruments are very important in Brazilian music, you can see them using in all its festivals and with this extraordinary percussion is that they make a characteristic sound of the samba and the batucada, sounds typical of a festival in Brazil.

1.- Agogó

The agogo is a direct descendant of the double bells of African percussion, this is used to emphasize the rhythm of samba. Can be found two or three bells These bells are joined by a metal arch and are played using a drumstick. Each bell will give you a different tone and sound.


2.- Cuica

The cuica is a drum called "friction"He is a descendant of an African drum from the area of ​​Angola where he is known as puita. It is originally made of wood although metal is a good ally for resonance of this instrument.

inside a cuica

This instrument Wears a baby stick held in the middle of the patch and extends inwards, sticking a hand with a damp cloth rub this stick while pressing the patch with another hand to have different sounds.

The sound of this instrument reminds the howls of a monkey.

3.- Chocalho

This instrument is born from a shaker since, like this is stirred from side to side To produce a sound The chocalho is a wooden bar with nails on the sides, these nails carry a series of small metal discs

It is held with both hands and carried from front to back to make these small plates collide producing a loud sound.


4.- Pandeiro

The tambourine is a super representative instrument of the Brazilian percussion, this instrument is a closed arch of wood or metal, to this one screws are adapted for fine tune the patch you have on one of its sides. It also carries small metal discs to hit when the tambourine is shaken.

You can pat on the patch and also rub it with your thumb to produce different sounds

pandeiro brazil

5.- Repinique

It is a solo drum and the main one for samba batucada, is the drum that directs the inputs and outputs of the rhythms. Traditionally It is played with a drumstick and by hand to give different sound textures although it has also been seen where two drumsticks are used.

It is a drum made of wood or metal and nowadays nylon patches are used for its use.


6.- Surdo

El deaf It is a large drum It can be made of wood or metal. Is the heart of the rhythm of the different types of samba that exist, so it is important that you play your role correctly in the samba. It is usually played with a soft-tipped drumstick to resonate only the patch in a recorded manner.


7.- Tantan or Timbau

This instrument derives from the timbale, tells the legend that Carlinhos Brown hung a timbale as a djembe and began to play, in fact his band took the name of the instrument and they were called "Timbalada". Like most Brazilian percussion, this instrument is made of metal with a synthetic patch. It is listed as an instrument idiophone because its metal structure is also used to play, so the sound produces it with the vibration of its own body.

tantan or timbau

The drums are mega diverse throughout the world, each culture will have drums similar to others but with a unique sound and characteristic of the culture it represents. What other region of the world would you like to know what kind of drums they have? Leave a Comment.

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