Juggling music: how to juggle with rhythm?

by Shopify API March 18th, 2018

Juggling music: how to juggle with rhythm?

Being part of a club, a community or a group of friends is incredible and even more so when they have a common purpose or each one's abilities The group is complemented by the others. Today I will focus on one of the most beautiful communities in the world. The jugglers and their music.


Juggling has its history from ancient Egypt where we can find the first signs in which this discipline was practiced. This activity that surely born as a game It begins to have an important role for art and it looks like a job.

juggling egypt

There are few records on the evolution of jugglers but it is common to find them trained part of the entertainment of some ruler or as someone who cheers the people with their show, these characters were known as jugglers.

Renaissance minstrel

There were three kinds of minstrels:

  • Some independent and free, with life of bohemians, who did not live anywhere and you could find them where there were parties.
  • Others formed part of the court environment and then it was the buffoons of the Golden Age comedies.
  • Others were paid for certain troubadours main, traveling with them, being their messengers, preceding or accompanying them on their visits to the King's Courts.
street juggler

The music in these acts is more rhythmic, It can be best accompanied with drums Than with a piano. why? Well, when throwing objects in the air without them falling, it requires coordination and perseverance, in one word: Rhythm.

juggling and drums

Although we believe that juggling drums has been left in the past, they are currently carried out in a professional manner either as accompaniment or even power juggle drums.

cirque du soleil music

An example of accompaniment is in Toruk: from Cirque Du Soleil where they make use of drums in all scenes for the purpose of give life to the game of jugglers and acrobats.

toruk cirque du soleil drums

Now bouncing balls are also used to sound a drums while playing. We can see this with the artist Andrei from the Circus of HorrorsHe plays and follows the rhythm of a base while hitting the drums with his juggling balls.

juggling and battery circus of terror

If you want to add flavor to your music or life to your number of juggling make friends with someone with a drum or vice versa. Share your talent with someone else to complement the show. I leave you with this beautiful video where we can see how beautiful they are the drums and juggling.

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