The smartest people in the world: drummers and percussionists

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We already talked about how the introduction to the rhythmic world helps children to improve certain skills and now I would like to tell what kind of skills are those that make a percussionist or drummer an effective, intelligent and highly outgoing person through science.

drum assembly

In various publications it has been mentioned that people who keep pace in an assembly tend be smarter than the rest of the musicians. This is mainly because our brain uses the same areas to do mathematical operations as to calculate the defined time intervals. In other words, to take rhythm into account, our brain processes information in milliseconds, the more successful the time in our strokes, the better this process. In the words of Dr. Fredrik Ullén "We know that accuracy at the level of milliseconds in neuronal activity is essential for information processing and learning processes.".
This can be checked on the page of Karolinska Institutets and specifically in sciencedaily.com which is responsible for making scientific dissemination.

Brian Eno and the neurosciences

Being the percussionist at the base of the musical ensemble, he becomes a born leader, it is he who directs and where all the other musicians rely on to perform a symphony. Now let's imagine this in a work environment or in any teamwork, the drummer already has leader wood.

taiko power

An important quality of all musicians is being able to improvise, it is said that if you do not know how to improvise you do not know how to compose, as far as percussionists are concerned, improvisation is the daily bread. You can play a song as you have done thousands of times or you can compose on the fly according to the environment that is created. This quality is also super useful in everyday life such as knowing how to work under pressure and having results in the most crucial moments.

whiplash frustration

It is very likely that this kind of musician is developing both emissions of the brain since we coordinate left, right limbs and in turn develop independence, the left hand may be playing a rhythm while the right hand another as with the feet. Total control!

crazy drummer

Finally, I will say that those drummers are not as delicate as someone who plays the violin or a saxophone since their instruments are made to hit (where appropriate). If you don't play with a certain energy you won't be able to get the sound out of your drum properly and it will sound weird, nothing nice. On the other hand, if we play safely we are facing the most rumbling and pleasant sounds of music.

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