The 5 keys to success: How to be a good percussionist or drummer?

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In most of the blogs published and in this page in general we will highlight how important percussionists are for musical ensembles, from an ensemble purely made of drums, an orchestra and even the standard formation of a rock band. The role of percussionists is to be the basis for the other musicians participating in the ensemble and their duty (or we) remains Mark exactly the tempo and rhythm.

What are the keys to being a good percussionist?

1.- Practice and develop your skill with the practitioner

Whether you are a drummer or percussionist there is only one element to master, The practice patch. This artifact will not help improve our speed, our nuance and even our creativity. You have to get this practitioner juice by rehearsing our base Rudiments.

Rudiments: Rudiments are described as "The first principle, step, state or condition" They are the first and most important step and foundation to play the drums. The rudiments there are only a series of exercises that are performed in the tarola (which can be used later in the rest of the battery) with both hands alternating at different speeds and times.

There is an association known as NARD (National Association of Rudimental Drummers) that has classified the main rudiments in 26 main exercises from which hundreds of exercises used by many drummers around the world are derived.

2 Give us time to learn about the different percussion instruments.

There are countless percussion instruments and each one has his own technique of touching I can even create yours. If we are going to play a certain genre of music we must choose the instruments that will give us the ideal sounds, for example: If we are going to play a bolero some bongos and some maracas They can serve us. If we are going to play a cumbia we would opt for a cowbell and timpani. Even knowing that if we play the guitar and want to add a type of percussion we can use a shaker That puts on a ring

We must also explore all possible hitss in our drum or instrument, when I say everyone really is ALL. What happens if we hit it with drumsticks, with hands, with thimbles, with brushes? You will be amazed at all the sounds you can make from a single drum.

3 Have general knowledge of music theory and harmony

A good percussionist like any musician should know concepts of harmony and music theory since it will be the main language of the majority of the band. While our scores do not have much to do with harmony since most percussion instruments do not issue well-defined notes. But if you understand rhythmic figures from the round to all subdivisions that we can play or the instrument allows us.

Understanding what kind of harmony is being used will help us focus the feeling of our rhythm and our improvisations. To properly clarify the volume of our blows and propose the intensity in the musical piece.

4 Learn the structure of the song to 100

It is the responsibility of each musician to learn very well what he is going to play in the piece of music and it will seem somewhat illogical to beginners and it is that in order to improvise you have to learn one hundred percent the structure and notes of our instrument. Since we master it we can add our touch as long as it does not interrupt the other musicians.

As our instruments (the majority) do not issue well-defined notes, improvisation becomes easy because the complex thing is to fall exactly in time to not confuse anyone, or the public.

5 Physical condition

Finally, it is necessary to have a good physical condition since there are instruments such as the battery that will require the performance of our entire body, there will be long musical pieces that will require a lot of resistance and drums that will take away a lot of energy by demanding blows with force. That is why the invitation to every percussionist is to have a warm-up routine before rehearsing and playing in any event.

Going out in the morning, going to the gym and eating healthy are basic things that will help us to have a stable body and in perfect health to be able to lead any music ensemble with our rhythm.

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