The main 10 percussions and their names: What are the drums called?

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The percussion instruments are many to make us all known, since as time goes by some evolve and others are invented or even discovered. You have to relax and stop thinking about the rare instruments that there will already be a blog dedicated to that, for now we will see the most known and used 10 percussions in music.

1- Bongos

This consists of two drums one smaller than the other, is classified as a membranophone instrument of undetermined height, this means that they do not emit a well-defined note but "noise". The patches are usually made of leather. It is played with fingers or palms. It is placed between the legs and in the Cuban assemblies it is placed on a base and is also accompanied with a cowbell.

Bongos is used in Cuban sones, salsa, bachata or boleros.


2- djembé

This instrument is the most common African drum, it is a membranophone drum and it is also of undetermined height. The patch is usually goatskin or there are currently synthetic patches. It is used to make African rhythms and has been used in music such as reggae or electronic insluso.

You can play sitting or standing by hanging it with a rope until you can hold it with your legs, the drum will be right in front of us to have all its sounds.


3.- congas

The conga is a drum that was giving rise to Cuba, they are like two thin barrels with a patch on top, therefore it is also considered a membranophone instrument of undetermined height. Currently there are synthetic patches, but from the beginning, animal skins such as beef were used. It should be noted that two drums (one smaller than another) are needed to be called congas, when talking about a single drum it is called a drum or tumbler.

This instrument is common in Latin music such as salsa and merengue.

With gas

4.- Timbal

Here there are two instruments with the similar name is the Drum and Timpani We will talk about the two, why not?

The Timbal is a mebranófono instrument but this one is of certain height and is used more in orchestras and pieces of classical music. It is made up of a copper cauldron and a synthetic patch which is hit with drumsticks. This instrument forms serious and resonant notes. They can be used with one or up to six timpani although the most common is to see two being used.

Timbal Orchestra

When we refer to the timpani in Latin music we are referring to the drums that seem to be drummers, with a metal body and a synthetic patch with a high pitched sound. You can recognize them because they come in pairs and are on a base. They are hit with drumsticks in the patches and also on their side in their soundboard, it is also common to see them accompanied by some cowbell or redova. These are used in salsa, cumbia, latin jazz, northern, band music.


5.- Xylophone / Marimba

I put these instruments together because the mechanics are the same, only the sound changes. The xylophone, marimba or any other similar instrument is considered idiophone This means that its sound is produced by the material it is made of, that is, it does not require a string or a patch to vibrate. They are also considered of certain height since they emit the defined notes. They are hit with drumsticks so that the vibration of the sound only comes from the xylophone.


6.- Shakers

The shaker are an essential accompaniment instrument, you can find them in different ways and with different sounds. mainly they are a cylinder filled with metal balls that when shaking produces a sound when we pronounce "Sh". A rain stick could also be used as a shaker.

You can use these instruments in all musical genres and you can also create rhythms if we have more than one for example when doing a maracas rhythm.


7.- Tambourine

The tambourine is a wooden ring that has metal plates that collide with each other to produce noise, also on one side you have a synthetic leather cover to use as a membranophone instrument. it is touched with a palm since the other hand is the one that moves it from one side to the other.

This instrument comes from India and that area of ​​the Middle East, was used in religious rituals and later became involved in modern music as an instrument of accompaniment.


8.- Bass drum

This may be the most used percussion throughout the humanida, it is an undetermined membranophone instrument that emits a serious sound, is mainly used to mark the tempo in the songs and can be heard in traditional music of almost any people and also in the whole line from soul to pop rock. It is played with a baqueton or mallet and hit just in the middle of the patch to produce a serious vibration.


9.- Cymbals

The plates or cymbals are metal discs that hit them produce a thunderous sound, therefore they are percussions of undefined height. These dishes can hit each other or with drumsticks to produce their sound. These instruments are used to give intensity to the piece of music we are playing. You can see them being used in an orchestra of classical music or in a rock concert.


10.- Drummer

The box, clear box, tarola or drummer is an indeterminate percussion instrument. According to the Hornbostel-Sachs classification, it belongs to the family of membranophones. It is a drum, usually of low height, with strands called edges arranged diametrically in the lower membrane, which give it its characteristic more strident and metallic timbre than that of the common drum. The musician who plays the box is called in turn, by association, box, having percussionist training. This instrument is used in orchestra, in music bands, and is a fundamental part of the drums.


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