The psychology of the child: The importance of rhythm in childhood

by Shopify API March 20th, 2018

drums and children

We will see how the rhythm affects the development of children since various studies of psychology impose that the stage of childhood is the best for learn and develop skills that not only will they be physical, such as being thin or growing strong, but that the activities carried out by the child will help him discover the world, learn values ​​and know how to manage his emotions to form a unique personality.

dynamics for children

The rhythm exerts a almost mysterious attraction that few children can resist not carrying it out immediately, young children really like rhythmic games, of the marches and traditional dances.

children's festival

Through the rhythm the child is given the possibility of experiencing endless imaginative experiences which can be found while telling a story, a song is played or simply watching the butterflies fly or the birds in the park. This means that rhythm is a tool to develop creativity and artistic expressiveness.

stress on the child

As parents or teachers we must know how to handle this emotion that rhythm produces in the child y don't make it look like a burdenAt first, children often do rough or insecure things. To children like any person, unfavorable criticism discourage them, if we demand too much perfection in any form of artistic creation we will cancel the valid purposes.

music and the world

Music and the arts should not be considered as another subject, because songs and dances are part of the history and folklore of every nation. It is not necessary that the music be related in some way defined in the child, the instruments intrigue children since 2 years.

children and percussion

Children are also affected by experimentation, they like to produce sounds and listen to them. Taking this into account, it is normal to think about putting the child to music classes, however, it is important to try not to get discouraged and lose interest in music; when we choose a music teacher for children, we must explain that we are more interested in the boy enjoying to skillfully execute a piece.

august rush

The expression of the child's feelings through music or other arts, is a valid manifestation of its own yo Developing, in color and rhythmic sounds he combines his ideas and his feelings. The frequenting of art and music is not only advisable for young children, this must continue simultaneously with the study and be part of the life plan.

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