The best app for drummers: How to practice at home with DrummerGames?

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When we are learning something new we just have to do one thing to improve and we are talking about practice, thanks to technology and colleagues like Alberto Iglesias who has created this great App that will help us practice. Find out how!


Learning to play a musical instrument is like learning another language because we have to master certain spelling and grammar rules, in percussion it is essential to know the whole dictionary of rhythmic figures that exist to be able to be Skillful when we "talk" through our drum. Although these figures are relatively few, these and their subdivisions can create more than 100,000 different combinations in a single measure.

Have proposed 25 basic exercises by the NARD (National Association of Rudimental Drummers) since they are the essential ones that contain most of the rhythmic figures that every percussionist must know. They are also known as Rudiments, The 25 or the percussionist's alphabet.

drums at night

DrummerGames It is an app developed by Alberto Iglesias (Professional drummer and developer) and he tells us that this app was born for various reasons.

Need for a series of exercises

Basically to practice the rhythms we need to put a continuous and random series to test our reading and speed to understand the rhythms that our exercise presents. Without the App we are facing two problems Which are the following.

1.- Write the exercise

It's fine that we write the exercise we're going to do to understand what we're playing but It is a very laborious task when our level is already somewhat advanced and also if we start, the same and our creativity is not so good. The app will help us improve it.

2.- Learn the pattern instead of practicing reading

As a result of having our exercise written on paper, a small problem is born and it is that after some repetitions the pattern is left engraved thing that is blocking what we wanted to practice: Random exercises.

Well, this app is designed for the student and the expert because it puts you exercises randomly and in series to put you to the test. Without the need to write and with the focus on 100 percent exercises without patterns that you can memorize, as Alberto says "Pure, pure and hard reading".

Alberto Iglesias

Something good about this app is that it is hosted on a website and you can access it from any mobile device or from a desktop computer.

how does it work?

As a warning I should clarify that This app is not for learning to play percussion or drums, this app is designed to create exercises.

The first step is to access and it will take us to the following screen:

drums exercises

Suppose we want to practice reading rhythmic figures in our tarola, djembé, or simply with palms. Then we go to the option of Comping (Box) and it will show us the following screen.

rhythmic reading

how can we automatically see a metronome start in four quarters at a standard tempo of 80bmpIt also shows us a pentagram with the percussion key and begins with the figures we have to do on our drum.

If the exercise is very complex we can go to the box of options that is in the upper right corner and will display the menu to adjust the exercise to our needs.

app menu

Here we can edit the number of measures that we want to use, if we want to repeat, remove or put in the exercises the figures such as eighth notes, triplets etc. Activate or deactivate the metronome, the metronome sound and start a new random sequence.

We will have a simpler or more complex exercise as we edit the app.

simple reading

Test your reading

In the menu we have an option that says RealTime, this option works when We don't want to learn a pattern or sequence. We just need to click and it will show the measure to be executed and the one that will come later. Reading to the fullest!

simple reading

The measures will be traversed and similarly generated randomly with the rhythmic figures that we have enabled.

What uses can be given to the app?

Practice at home

The main purpose of the app was to be able to practice rhythmic exercises written randomly for Practice reading at different speeds and not have the feeling that we are learning a pattern.

In class

It can be used to put exercises to a student we are teaching, so the app will generate a pattern and the student can start practicing it from a slow tempo. We can repeat a single measure countless times and even make a Realtime option exam.

Large repertoire of figures

These exercises they serve both drummers and percussionists you just have to have a little ingenuity and orchestrate the figures with the different sounds of our instruments Can we meet a new rhythm? Try it!

how much?

This app has the incredible price of 0 pesos. It is totally free! It is not in the testing phase and you do not have to register anywhere, simply the creator has decided that this application will be like this and whatever happens, this app will be open to everyone for life. (A big applause to Alberto Iglesias!). This is your app to practice, do not forget to share it and tell us how it has served you. We have only talked about reading rhythmic figures but it has many more functions that we will talk about in other blogs.

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