The Djembe story: Where does it come from and how was it made?

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Legend has it (Internet) that the djembe has its origin in an African tribe called Mandinga o Maninka. In this tribe the artisans called the Numu lived. The Numu They used lengue wood and goatskin to create the Djembé. You don't have an exact date from the time it was created, but you have the certainty that it was between 1300 and 900 AC

djembe history

Knowing the origin of our instrument is important because it helps us better understand its sound, what it was used for, how it has evolved and what advantages we can get from this. Let's take a look at the past!

tribe drums

By translation it is called djembe although we can also find it with the names of djembe, yembe, yimbe, sanbanyi or simply tam tam. The spelling recommended by the Fundéu BBVA is "yembé".

old djembe

The djembe was mainly used in sacred rites, births, weddings and funerals, accompanied by other instruments such as the dundun, the balafon or the shekere. Therefore the djembe was considered a ceremonial instrument, who used it mainly were the Numu.


It is said that the artisans of the Numu tribe had supernatural gifts, which is why many from ancient times to today, they believe that the rhythms performed in the djembe have healing powers.

djembe ritual

In fact, the name of the Djembé, according to the oral tradition transmitted from generation to generation, means "gathered in peace", it is for this reason that its use stands out in weddings, births, funerals, among other rites that according to their religious beliefs, are considered sacred.

As you can see, the Djembe is a very beautiful instrument of sound, history and design.
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