Dance and drum: Shen Yun's drum dances

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Shen Yun drums

China is undoubtedly a country full of drums in its folklore and a good opportunity to talk about its dances and its incorporation with drums, representatives of the spirit of war, of festivity and joy. Shen yun is a show that brings together Chinese tradition and where you can find spectacular dances with drums.

chinese drum

Shen Yun Performing Arts is the best Chinese classical dance and music company in the world. At 2006, a group of the best Chinese artists founded Shen Yun in New York. They met with a common vision and passion: to relive the lost world of traditional Chinese culture and share it with everyone.

Ansai Shen Yun Drums

1 - Ansai Drums

Choreography: Yungchia Chen

Season: 2010

Drum: Hourglass-shaped waist drums

China has been an agricultural superpower since the time of the Yellow Emperor. During its economic boom, the Song Dynasty produced a quarter of the world's crops. Farmers have really played a leading role in the development of China.

chinese rice farmer

Just as the color of the soil varies between the various territories of China, the peasants who live there also developed their own dance styles. These styles are very difficult to imitate ... unless you become one of them. Some may consider people of simple, uneducated or rustic minds (土 tu), but in their carefree movements and their simple and sincere smiles, we can glimpse the true spirit of the Chinese people. The "bearing" (and a) arises from its bones, and therein lies its beauty.

So in the 2010 season, we tied our drums to our abs, put on headscarves and kicked imaginary dust on stage in a dance called Ansai Drums.

dragon shen yun spring drums

2 - Dragon Spring Drums

Choreography: Yungchia Chen

Season: 2009

Drum: Octagonal hand drums

When Mother Nature offers an abundant harvest, the farmers of Shandong Province grab their most accessible instrument and celebrate dancing the Guzi Yangge.

The peasants are very focused, as we all know. And their dance movements arise from daily life, usually with funny names. In Guzi Yangge there are names like "The Flying Drum", "Grain Grinding", "The Temple of the Yang Family" and the most graphic, "The Gray Bear Shakes Its Skin".

war taboos shen yun

1 - The beginning of an era

Choreography: Yungchia Chen

Season: 2012

Drum: Battle drums on cars

"The beginning of an era" kicked off the 2012 show to reveal a great battle scene between heavenly warriors and demons - possibly the best initial act ever done.

This time, the ladies pushed the drums across the stage, gave powerful blows and made great changes of formation, while the gentlemen were in charge of the immensely difficult task of… playing with the sticks.

Shen Yun


EVERY SEASON three companies go on tour around the world, performing in the best theaters - Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington, the Coliseum in London; Our orchestras have performed at Carnegie Hall.

The audience that fills our theaters includes famous actors, fashion icons, government officials, royalty and international celebrities. We hope to see you also among the publicfrom one of our next shows!

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