Afroreggae instruments

by Shopify API November 22, 2018

Afroreggae instruments

On this day, we will talk about Afroreggae. Again we were mentioned again on Facebook about this musical genre.
In comparison to the African dances and genres that we have already talked about, they should know that Afro-Reggae uses instruments other than the Djembe that we are going to talk about.

I wish that while reading this blog you can listen to a little Afro-Belgian music ...

When I started reading and informing myself about the origin of this genre I was super shocked that his birth was that way, I thought it was just a combination of African rhythm with the characteristic touch of reggae but everything had much more, let me tell you why I consider it a beautiful genre now ...

Luiz Fernando Lopes, better known as Tekko Rastafari and José Pereira de Oliveira Junior, were the first to believe in the idea of ​​forming the organization and taking the initial steps. José Junior began his career promoting funk and reggae parties at the Rio de Janeiro Center, which sparked his natural talent as a social entrepreneur. With the emergence of the printed newspaper Afro Reggae News, the will to decriminalize the streets and spread the Afro culture was consolidated and the 28 of September of 1993, a month after the massacre of Vicar General that was a massacre where many people died, began a work that began a new form of education and inclusion of the favela as part of the city.

AfroReggae, throughout its history, has developed projects in poor, violent areas and often commanded by drug trafficking. Exclusion and various social deprivations can make children and young victims easy to build with criminality. AfroReggae exists to transform the harsh reality that these children and young people are subjected in the favelas of the city - without rights, without opportunities and without a future.

And it is that very few musical genres arise from movements like these, and it is to be applauded that people like Junior and Luiz, had the heart to do something like that without asking anything in return, without a doubt it is to be applauded.


The first is a CUICA:

Cuica is a membranophone friction musical instrument. Metal cuica is the most common, but it can be made of wood or, less commonly, fiberglass One end of a bamboo stick fits into the bottom surface of the patch.
The sound of the cuica is produced by pulling and pushing the bamboo stick with a wet cloth. By pressing the patch with one finger or several of the other hand near the center, the height of the sound is regulated. The cuica was taken to Brazil by African slaves (maybe Bantu).

The Repinique:

It is a very dry and sharp cylindrical percussion instrument. The body is usually made of wood or metal, and patches of plastic or leather. It is of Brazilian origin and is traditionally used in the samba, where it usually has the function of marking the cuts, acquiring much prominence. Depending on the type of samba, it is played with one or two drumsticks.

The Timbau:
El timbau o timbal brasileño es un instrumento membranófono derivado del tambor caxambu, que generalmente se toca con ambas manos. Ligeramente cónico y de diferentes tamaños, por lo general es liviano y está hecho de madera o metal lacado (generalmente aluminio) con una cabeza de nylon ajustable. Tiene la forma de un cono de helado con la parte superior y la punta cortadas.

El timbal está diseñado para tocar en voz alta, frases rápidas y solos con fuertes bofetadas. El sonido del timbal varía de un tono alto, claro y bien definido a un bajo fuerte y profundo. El timbal está disponible en diferentes longitudes;una mayor longitud produce un bajo más profundo.

Eso es todo por este blog, ¿Qué te pareció?
Es verdaderamente inreíble saber sobre el origen de mucha música. 

Recuerda seguirnos leyendo y seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales.


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