Introduction guide to percussion

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Introduction guide to percussion

En the drumming We know that there are many people who do not want to buy us a musical instrument until we know a minimum about what we are going to buy and even a minimum of how to play it. This is your introduction guide to the world of percussion!

Welcome to the drumming!

Hello my Name Is Eduardo Mendoza and I'm here to advise you, answer your questions and share my experience as a percussionist, I'm currently a drummer in Anxolotes, thanks to that band since it started I have experienced each of the basic tabores and percussions like the Djembé, the bongos, the Peruvian drawer, the laundry room, the shaker and other percussion toys, and of course my strong battery.

The drum

There are many kinds of drums but basically we are talking about a hollow wooden structure with a patch or leather cover, this skin is stretched so that we can touch with the hand or with a drumstick and cause nice noise (that exist?)

Here in drumming we want to talk to you about the djembé which is a drum of African origin, of the bongos that have their origin in Cuba, of the drawer that has its origin in Peru and from its evolution to the flamenco cajón that originates in Spain. Also talk to you about attachments such as straps, toys like shakers, tocs, curtains of capanas ... The world of percussion is very big !!

How to play a drum?

El prior knowledge to start something new is essential though not necessarySometimes we are afraid of not knowing how to choose what we are going to buy or we do not know what to review and much less how to play. This fear limits us to explore new Horizons.

Keep in mind that percussion is made to hit, so don't worry about hitting it hard because the patches are designed to withstand strong blows, they won't break unless you hit them with a razor or they don't have adequate tension.

In a standard drum (wooden cylinder with leather patch) we can find two main sounds one record and one sharp.

Low-pitched sound: This sound is produced by striking with the palm of the hand right in the middle of the patch, the blow must be dry and we will have to raise our hand after hitting the patch so that it vibrates and gives us a wider sound.

Sharp noise: The sharp sound is produced near the edges of the patch, with relaxed fingers we hit the edge and likewise raise our hand after hitting to appreciate the sound.

How something technical should you know that you can find these sounds in any drum and on any wide surface that resembles a membrane such as a wooden table, if it does not have reinforcements in the center and you hit firmly, a more serious blow will be heard than if you hit firmly on the banks where it is usually guided by the wood.

Of course each drum will sound different and there are some that you have to hit them with a drumstick instead of using your hand but in the same way you can play with these types of blow to test the sounds of everything. If all.

Percussion accessories

Percussion accessories or toys are those instruments that they contribute different curious sounds to create unique effects, accompaniments and rhythms for all musical genres.

Among the most prominent we can find cowbells, reds, shakers, the tambourine, the güiro and the maracas.

These instruments they seem not to require lot technique and most only produce one sound but That look does not fool youLike any instrument, it experiences how it sounds if you hit it differently or by shaking it with different sequences.

This and more we can learn and explore together through the YouTube channel of the Tamborería. Whether you are a rookie, a beginner or an expert, leave in the comments that you would like to learn or on what subject you want us to talk. Let's learn all together and share this great world of percussion.

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