Drum Ensemble: The Benefits of Playing in a Group

by Shopify API March 03th, 2018

djembe assembly

While the foundation of well-being is unique to each of us, when it comes to our basic needs, we share a lot in common. The physical, emotional and spiritual components of well-being are sacred and inseparable.


According to Alice Clair, Professor and Director of Music Therapy at the University of Kansas, "People have usually interpreted good health as the absence of disease, but more recently, well-being has come to a new meaning, feeling so good regardless of diagnosis. widely understand that "being well" is the result of participation in activities that lead to health and they keep it. "

Alice Clair

In large part, the lifestyle choices we choose are certainly reflected in the future that we create one step at a time. LHealth is not an objective, it is an indispensable throughout our life.

"It's the way you choose to live your life that counts. It's definitely a matter of choice."

The challenge for each of us is to find time to create a balance. It is not surprising that in our accelerated society it is difficult to find a routine that allows us to combine our wellness options in a healthy way. ANDThat's precisely where this way of making music fits.

music in the city

Playing in a group can also serve as a fairly effective means of restoring a sense of inner balance amidst the incredible challenges of life. Referring to a group session held by REMO for students and parents a year after a tragic event in a high school, Christine Stevens (event director) said: "Parents and children they came to our circle of drums in silence, apprehensive and disconnected. At first it was difficult even to maintain eye contact. Knowing that words could never communicate what each of us felt that day, we slowly began to play drums. The sadness we shared was overwhelming at first, while tears dampened our hands and instruments. a collective sense of hope for a better tomorrow gradually replaced our despair. Our experience was more than therapeutic, it connected us on many levels. "

children drum circle

We can add that we are sociable beings and our happiness is complemented by the energy of those around us. Music, in addition to making us feel good, is energy that makes us move, therefore it is almost impossible for us to be sad or unmotivated when we participate in a musical ensemble.

Remo D. Belli founder of REMO percussion

According to Remo Belli, founder and CEO of Remo, Inc., "It's time to stop thinking about the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking about the drum as a recreational tool for each family, a wellness tool for all retirees, and an educational tool for each classroom."

Source: http://remo.com/experience/post/healthrhythms-benefits-of-participation/

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