The world's most portable drum: What is body percussion?

by Shopify API March 22th, 2018

body percussion

While there are musicians who carry their guitar everywhere, there are others that we can't take our drum Because it is very large or heavy, what more portable than our own body. Discover what body percussion is and how it has been used in medicine.

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Body percussion is the production of sounds with “beating on one's own body, other people's and other elements”Using body movements such as clapping, using the mouth using sounds and / or guttural, whistling, snapping fingers, arms, hands; taking advantage of the thighs, the chest, using the feet, fingers and others parts of our body.

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Sometimes, we can also make use of materials around us, such as chairs, sticks, cones, papers, etc. Hoy day beyond these purposes, its use has been amplified and sophisticated, in the area of ​​musical pedagogy, entertainment and even has become used for therapeutic purposes.

How is body percussion done?


Well this is done using the hands and feet mainly, from a slap on our chest, belly, cheeks, thighs, arms All our body! With our hands we can also click and pat one hand with another with different results as we place our hands.

body percussion hands


With the foots we can impact on the ground depending on the hit we give it will sound louder or more recorded, if we hit the floor with the heel it will sound louder than if we do it with the tip. Experience!

manual body percussion


Well, it is common to see many people practice the BeatBox but the mouth is also part of the body, although body percussion does not refer exactly to doing the rhythm with the mouth if we can help each other. We can also patting our lips with our mouths open or our cheeks.

body percussion mouth

Medical use

Body percussion is used in rehabilitation and treatment of people with mental problems. This is because our mind enters in a comfort zone and you have to get her out of there. Our parents could remember numbers of up to nine figures, we can't even five. We have to connect the different parts of our brain and put them to work together.

“At the beginning, people are wrong, it is the most normal. If there is no error, there is no learning ”, Javier Romero, creator of the BAPNE method.

We are combining neuromotor skills (brain functions related to activities) and neuropsychology (functions related to feelings). In some cases, its purpose is to improve memory; in others, the concentration; in others, communication between neurons. But everyone is looking motivate values ​​and teamwork.


The Barbatuques They are a well-known body percussion band from Brazil, who participated in an event organized by IBMF in New York City, in the year 2010. The IBMF stands for International Festival of Body Music and was created by musician Keith Terry. This organization came to bring the participation of other body music groups such as: Slammin All_Body Band, KekeÇa from Turkey, Kenny Muhammad, the Colombian band Tekeye, the French LeeLa Petronio, Max Pollak from Austria, Sandy Silva from Canada, the American group Step Afrika !, Jep Meléndez of Spain, BASE - Area of ​​the Sonic Bay Ensemble (USA) in even the special participation of the Barbatuques, among others. Fragment taken from

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