The Japanese drum Taiko: The biggest drum in the world?

by Shopify API 11 September, 2018

The Japanese drum Taiko: The biggest drum in the world?

Do you want to know what is the Japanese Taiko drum? His story and what is it made of?

In this Blog we are going to move to the other side of the world, to Japan.
En CDMX DRUM We have only African drums but that does not take away the fact that we can talk about any drum. Now it is the turn of the Taiko drum.

japanese taiko festival

In Japan there is a drum that is used both in ceremonies / rituals and festivities, we are talking about Taiko. A drum with more than 1500 years of tradition.

The word "Taiko" It is generally used to refer to drum assembly, the kumi-daiko, but this word, in reality, refers to the drums themselves. Literally, taiko means "Fat drum", however there are varied shapes and sizes of taiko.

It is so popular in Japan that there are even machines to play it.

Taiko is used in many traditional festive events in Japan, sometimes being the center of attraction, as in the Bon Odori, a traditional dance.

Due to its great weight, the Japanese usually leave it fixed in one place (the same happens with the piano), so as not to have to take it with great effort to another place. Its weight ranges between 295 and 310 kilograms, WHAT?

You will need a great force in your arms to be able to move it a little.


Let's learn a little more about him and the different types of Taiko that exist ...

Both ends are covered by membranes, but only perched on one side with a thick pair of wooden mallets.

This drum was not originally born in Japan but descends from Chinese culture since its shape is the same as a Chinese war drum, only in Japan it has evolved in a unique way. When the Taiko was used for war, it was loaded on the backs of a backpack-type soldier while another soldier blew the drum.

Because of the belief that Taiko was a drum in which gods lived, only sacred men could play taiko. The only instruments found in the temples were taiko drums. In this way the taiko was played only on special occasions, and only by men who had a permit granted by the priests. Taiko drums were always played one by one, or in certain cases in pairs. Taiko sets developed much later.

Types of Taiko

nagado-daiko: A drum with barrel-shaped body measuring 16 "x20" to 30 "x36"


Odaiko: it is the biggest drum of taiko. Some of these drums are so large that they cannot move and have their residence in a temple or shrine


Hira-Daiko: flat hanging drum, 36 "x14" to 60 "x24"


Sumo-daiko: crammed small drum


Gangu-daiko: small drum for children or gifts


Undoubtedly, each country has its own personality and musical instruments are an example of that.
I hope you liked this blog a lot and learned many more things.
Remember to continue reading us, follow us on our social networks and remain faithful to music.

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