The Heart of the Drums: Why are we so passionate about rhythm?

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The definition of music explains that it takes two fundamental elements that are sounds and silences in a temporal sequence attending to the laws of harmony, melody and the rhythm, the latter being the basis of all music.

Why is rhythm so important to us?

Quoting Wikipedia "Howard Goodall in his series How Music Works exposes theories about the human rhythm remembering the regularity with which We walk and heartbeats that we have heard in the maternal belly."We can realize that the rhythm is something natural in man, from the way we walk, our heartbeats and even the way we talk.

heart rate

The brain constantly monitors the periodic signals it receives first from the heart, secondly from a multitude of other body organs. If the sequence is ordered, rhythmic, the answer is: Everything is going well, ''pleasure''.

If there are arrhythmias, the brain starts the entire emergency defense program: Feel ''pain''.


It has also been expressed that the taste for rhythm is not based directly on the beating of our heart but on the speed of emotional affection that flows through the beats. It is clear that our heart changes rhythm when we feel in danger, when we are relaxed or when we are sad. It is for this reason that the rhythm, the music and the feeling that is expressed are so firmly united.

africa drums

The flip side of the coin is that movement and rhythm go hand in hand. The rhythm cannot exist without movement and there is no movement that does not carry a rhythm (however minimum). The idea of ​​connecting with the universe through a drum is not so crazy if we think that the universe is in constant motion, that our heart is part of this rhythm giving its unique beats and that there is also quantum theory where everything is made of strings which, depending on the vibration they carry, give essence to matter.

djembe classes

In conclusion I can say that we like the rhythm because it is something natural in the entire universe and we are attentive to it from before birth.

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