How to assemble a djembe from scratch?

by Shopify API August 31 2018

How to assemble a djembe from scratch?

En CDMX Tamboreria People arrive asking what are the steps to assemble a Djembé or fix theirs from scratch.
Do you really want to start playing the Djembé and want to make your own Djembé?


TIP: If you find someone with some experience to lend a hand, what better.


First and after removing all the string and the broken patch, recover the two rings from the patch. If the one with the string is well preserved and the third ring string (the small one) too, you don't need to change it. Either way, it's a few minutes to change it.

With the djembé totally naked, check the whole body to see if it has cracks, if you have them, you can cover them with paste or wood putty. If you do not like the varnish it carries, you can sand it and leave it in natural wood.

An important issue is to leave the edge of the djembe well sanded and even on which the patch will go. You have to try to make an inward curve, also sanding the inner part so that it does not have imperfections in contact with the patch. If you also have nothing else to do and you have a sander, start matching the inside of the djembe.
It is important to protect the wood with some wax, shea butter or linseed oil.
2 TIP: Let the wood absorb everything before starting to assemble.


The first thing is to buy a goatskin, which you will look at to see that it has no scars. Also check that the hair does not peel off easily.
As for the thickness, it depends on the taste: thick skin lasts longer, holds more tension, but has a more muted sound. It is also harder to tense. A thin patch holds less, but it is easier to get the sound out.
Before assembling the djembe, it is advisable to line the inner ring (the one that is covered with the skin) with cloth, and check that the djembé fits through it. This is so that there are less harmonics.
For braiding you will need 16 meters of prestressed cord of 4 or 5 mm.
Skin to soak for at least 3 or 4 hours. Once it is soft, stretch it by stepping on it and stretching with your hands. Place it on a clean surface with your hair up, and put the inner ring on top. Fold the skin inward by tying it with a piece of string, so that it looks like a tambourine without a box.

Place the skin on the djembe and place the upper ring. It is time to start braiding.
The procedure of the knots for the rings is as follows ...
1 With the rope you will make a bow and pass it under the hoop.
2 Both strings are passed up or down to have this shape ...
3 A rope is taken, passed over, knot is made by passing the rope through the bow that was made.
4 The same is done again but with the difference that this time will be done below.
5 You pull the rope so that it is the same shape as the first knot.
This is the way you will follow throughout the hoop.
Remember that you will make the same number of knots in the top and bottom hoop.


For the vertical braid I leave this small fragment where the braid is clearly explained and when to pull the rope ...

When you have finished vertical braiding, take a long stick and stretch all the strings:
Tip3: The rings must be parallel to the edge of the instrument.
You have to let the skin dry two days in which you have to stretch the vertical braid.
The weeks after mounting it is usually very easily deflected, which should be very tense vertical braiding, and with some knots and some blows with a rubber hammer you have finished tuning it.


I hope this blog has helped you to know how a Djembé is mounted.
Remember to visit our store and not forget the wonderful musical life.

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