Circle of drums in Mexico: How to improve team performance?

by Shopify API March 30th, 2018

drum circle

No matter what you do, it is always good to have an activity that helps you improve your well being and helps you face the most desperate problems. Today we have an activity that not only relaxes you but also helps you form your leader wood. Check it out!


Teamwork can be difficult for many since the skills, tastes, values ​​and other conditions of each of the members are always added together. That is why many teams have problems, they focus more on personal things than on the true objective of the job.

team roles

The most important thing for a team to work together is that each of the people who make it up properly assume their role, know their strengths and weaknesses and, above all, have social skills to communicate with each of their peers.

drum circle to improve teamwork

A circle of drums is the best option to improve in these aspects of a team, this for the following reasons.

leader drum assembly

1.- To play in a group a leader is appointed, this is in charge of guiding the entire assembly, with the rhythm, with signs and with a great voice to be heard through the drumming of the drums.

2.- To touch implies to go on a guide that is time, this is vital for the assembly to walk together. This also helps the person to realize if he is ahead or behind.

3.- Something important is that you can always change the roles in the assembly without fear of not being able to fulfill the role since it is necessary that each of the members know and can do the work of the other.

As we can imagine this closely resembles the very essence of teamwork of a company, a school and even a sport. For this reason we love it so much that these types of activities are done with drums.

Some benefits we find when working with an assembly like this are:

  • increase the motivation of the person
  • Increase creativity
  • Makes use of emotions reducing stress
  • Develop communication
  • Increase the ability to make quick and accurate decisions.
school drum circle

    This is not only aimed at large companies since learning to play drum is for everyone. At any age you can learn these values ​​and develop these same skills, you can easily start from 3 years. (Even if you give a rattle to a baby and it will start to shake it).


      We invite you to have your own drum at home and share it with the family, have a drum in the office and tell your work team why it would be good to play together, have an assembly at school and talk with the other teachers how it will increase youth performance.

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