Songs with drums other than drums.

by Shopify API November 09, 2018

Songs with drums other than drums.

Yesterday I finished listening to the first Pink Floyd album and I have no doubt that it is a masterpiece, nor how to deny it. Every time I listen to a song I love to listen to each part and every instrument that flies around.
Have you listened well to the songs you listen to?
Some must have inside a Djembe, bongos, drawers, etc.

That's why in TAMBORERIA we enjoy music a lot because we love knowing what instruments each song has and that makes us love them much more.

In this blog I am going to talk to you about some songs that have small fragments of percussion inside them and that you surely had not noticed.

We started with a Paramore song and the song is called "Hard times"
Although they don't believe it, this song has some bongos inside it, there are also some bells and it also has a cabasa inside making some figures throughout the song very similar to the beginning although in some things the hit ones supplement -hat of the battery.
In the minute 1: 05 is very marked a cowbell that makes the guideline to move from the first choir to an instrumental bridge of 4 bars to appear again in the minute 1: 49 and give way to the bridge.
In the minute 2: 14 inside the bridge there are some auctions that most likely can be a djembe.
In the final part we find the cowbell again but also the song ends with a kind of bells that makes it appear that they only appeared by chance.

The next song is a classic and if you don't know it, how sad!

The band is called Stealers Wheel and the song is called "Stuck in the middle with you."
Although not all the instruments you listen to appear in the video, the washboard is very present in the music and in some key times a cowbell comes out.
Initially, the percussions of the battery box are made by palms on black notes in the 2 and 4 time, but in time four the time is not a black note, but an eighth note.
(I mean he does twice as many hits as in 2 time)

In the minute 1: 03 we can find a tambourine along with the cowbell and slap again and everything is repeated again.

Again we move to another classic but we moved to a pure mix of funk, jazz, soul and clearly disco.

Earth, Wind and fire are among the most loved and respected in this type of genre. The song of "september" is super known but very few people take the trouble to know what is inside.
Start with the characteristic sound of the guitars that make you go to buy well-flared pants and start dancing.

In the beginning as percussion we can find a shaker sound and it can be between congas or bongos marking the times in black but during the song it makes some variations of strokes but without leaving time, it is truly incredible.

We're done for now, then I'll make another blog like this one with more songs.

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