9 drums and their origin (Where are they from?)

by Shopify API 28 September, 2018

9 drums and their origin (Where are they from?)

Hello friends of Tamboreria CDMX, on this day I want to talk about the different drums around the world.
As you know we like to be well informed about everything about the drums and we are going to talk very briefly about these drums.


We will start with our spouse and the one in the house, the Djembe.

AFRICA: As you should know, the Djembe is of African origin and can be described as an elongated cup.
There are two types:
Traditional, made with tree wood. Wood is used lengue, mahogany or iroko traditionally, although wood like the maple or cedar, and skin (usually of goat) although some musicians also use calfskin to change the tones a bit. This type of traditional djembes is tuned by means of a system of an integral and resistant rope, often high-strength mountaineering rope and is interwoven in the top ring (where the patch is worn) and the bottom ring (where it is held ).
Modern, which can be made of wood and natural leather or of fiber and synthetic leather

Brazil: El pandeiro o pandero es un tipo de tambor de mano popular en Brasil, y que ha sido descrito como un instrumento no oficial de esa nación. El parche de tambor es sintonizable, y el borde contiene pequeños platillos de metal, que son ahuecadas creando un tono más fresco , más seco y menos sostenido en el pandeiro que en el otro instrumento llamado pandereta.

El Pandeiro se usa en varios géneros de música brasileña, como la samba, el choro, el coco y capoeira . El pandeiro brasileño proviene de la pandeireta o pandereta de España y Portugal

The Conga is tall and narrow, on the other hand, the bongos are a set of two small drums.
The sounds of both are totally different, the conga has a much more protagonist sound and the bongo accompanies the songs quite well.

The Table is a set of two drums, a small one made of wood and the other somewhat longer, made of metal.

The sound of this type of drums would not know how to explain it but it has a sound as if it were a deep sound of a drop of water. Here is a video so you can listen to its wonderful sound a little.

The bodhran is a circular drum with a frame, sometimes referred to as a Celtic drum, it is made with a circular wooden frame and usually a goatskin patch.

The taiko drum has too many variations of sizes, in this blog it is not worth talking about it because in another blog we have already done it, here I leave the blog in case you want to know more about it, its sizes, its origin and everything about its sound, just click on the image.

Middle East:
The doumbek has a small cup shape, usually made of fiberglass, clay or metal, the patch on the other hand, is made of plastic

The drawer or box is made of Mohena and Requia woods. It allows you to sit on it to be able to touch it since the wood is of very good quality. You have three screws that allow you to adjust the tone of the drawer.


The klong yao drum, has a wooden body and a patch made of water buffalo skin, and is usually decorated with a colorful skirt. It is usually played in many festival parades in Thailand. The klong yao drums, which can be up to 10 m in length, are sometimes extremely large, sometimes found in parades, where they are transported by truck.


This was all for this blog, I hope you liked it a lot and now you love everything about the drums, just like me or more.
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