9 Benefits of playing African drums

by Shopify API 13 September, 2018

9 Benefits of playing African drums

Do you want to learn to play a drum and know how it can help you?
The Benefits of playing an African drum (Djembe), drums or any other percussion instrument there are many, which we will see one by one ...

  1. Musical appreciation and creativity.
  2. Sensitivity to acoustic spaces.
  3. Increased heart rate helps blood flow and metabolism.
  4. Unity with the other musicians within the circle.
  5. Practice of your ear.
  6. Finely tuned feeling of music.
  7. Best self-esteem
  8. Physical strength gained by aerobic exercise.
  9. Increase the feeling of well-being, reaching euphoria.


    1. Musical appreciation and creativity: Once you have learned to play the drum or any percussion instrument, your appreciation of each sound will be broader and you will be able to identify the rhythms, beats or beat techniques.

    2. Sensitivity to acoustic spaces: Once you start playing, you will realize that in large spaces your drum will sound much better, every time you will look for places with perfect acoustics so that it can sound at 100%

    3. Increased heart rate, helps blood flow and metabolism: Due to the movement and beat for the drum your heart rate increase will be so high that you will start to secrete substance called serotonin, dopamine and endorphin, this means that you will feel happiness when you are playing and of course when you feel the vibrations of the drum.

    4. Unity with the other musicians within the circle: Over time you will begin to fill yourself with acquaintances who also feel a love for the drum, this will allow you to improve your technique thanks to someone else's and vice versa.

    5. Practice of your ear: With the passage of time you will begin to recognize the types of beat that exist in percussion, you can also take a rhythm without having to find someone to help you, you can even improvise your own rhythms.

    6. Finely tuned feeling of music: As you will see, there are different types of strokes and each stroke is different because of its sound, this will help you a lot to realize when a sound is out of tune and you can easily correct it.

    7. Best Self-Esteem: It is well known that self-esteem is gained over time, but when it comes to music, this happens much faster, why? because when you improve or you are good at something, you want to teach it so that people can appreciate your talents, that helps self-esteem too much.

    8. Physical strength gained by aerobic exercise: Practicing regularly playing a drum will help you burn calories and your arms will tone in an incredible way.

    9. Increased sense of well-being, reaching euphoria: Percussion awakens feelings of tranquility and happiness, they increase when you increase the speed in which you play.

These were the most important benefits that playing djembe will provide.
I hope you have been very helpful and now you know more things, it never hurts to know about something different.
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