8 Recommendations to buy a Djembé.

by Shopify API August 22 2018

8 Recommendations to buy a Djembé.

Do you really want to buy your first Djembé and do not know which is the best option or the one that will be worth the most?

In your experience visiting Tamboreria (CDMX) you will be assured that we will let you know all the differences between each Djembé We have available for you.


The problem here is that when someone decides to choose between a guitar or a bass. With the guitar you can play beautiful melodies and live rhythms and with the bass you can give body to what sounds with strong and penetrating rhythms that will make the chest of those who are close vibrate.

As you should know, all djembes provide us with bass, medium and treble, but the size of the djembe influences the tones obtained. A large djembé will offer us lower tones for base rhythms and from a small djembé higher and more protagonist tones are obtained.

Base rhythm
Rhythm base Djembé protagonist

Knowing this we can start with the recommendations to buy you a beautiful Djembé.


1. A Djembé is associated with a dense wood.

2. A well-made Djembé will be thick but does not have to be heavy (it will depend on the wood used), and will maintain the same thickness in all its areas.

3. Try to check that the thickness of the wood does not vary in any of its areas.

4. Be wary of djembes that are covered in paint as decoration.

5. Look inside to see that there are no cracks in the wood.

6. Remember that the thinner the skin, the more vibrant and harmonious the sound will be, on the contrary, it will be less resistant. The thicker the skin, the drier the sound will be.

7. Make sure that the djembé is one piece, since the two pieces with a not very strong blow disarm or break.

8. Ask to know that the skin is goat, goat or cow.

What do you think of these recommendations?
Good, right?

Now you know how to judge a djembe not only if you want to buy one, also to know about this beautiful instrument. If this Blog served you, I hope you leave a comment and if you have another recommendation to add, feel free to write it in the comments.

I love you so much, Karen Castillo.

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