7 important reasons to play a drum at school (or wherever)

by Shopify API March 04th, 2018

percussion case

When we think of drums or playing a percussion we usually imagine a heavy and cumbersome instrument but we must remember that today's technology has given rise to instruments that we can easily take anywhere. We tell you the 7 reasons why you can always take one to your school or wherever you want.

1.- Durable: By using technologies and manufacturing techniques exclusive and patented by professional brands, they have taken the natural qualities of wood and animal skins and improved them for consistency and solidity. Modern drums are hard to break because of their highly treated wood and even better patches. They are designed to take a beating, really! Synthetic heads are easy to clean and disinfect, and are a weather resistant alternative to animal skins.


    2.- Portable : Advanced Acousticon rowing housings for example are much lighter than a carved wooden drum shell; Therefore, they are easier to transport. Rowing patches are synthetic and do not change the sound even when stored in extreme temperatures, which means you can take them virtually anywhere. These drum patches maintain a beautiful tone either in South Africa or in Antarctica (they have been played in both!)


    Adjustable - The first successful synthetic drum head was invented more than 50 years ago. In all this time, we have worked on patches that do not easily deflate and when they do, just simply tighten the screws of our head so that it sounds as we like.

    adjust patch

    Reproducible - Modern drums are made to play easily, with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Being designed and manufactured in series they are ideal to have the same sound you want even if you have to change the patch or have to play another drum that is not yours.

    patch set

    Sustainable : The housing of a Remo drum is made with almost 100% recycled wood fiber. Remo has been awarded the California Waste Reduction Award for more than a decade.

    several djembes

    Culturally diverse : There are different types of drums to play the rhythms of Africa, Native America, Latin America and the Middle East. This makes a percussion the ideal instrument to play any musical genre.

    djembe africa assembly

    Detachable : Detachable drums are easy to clean, this will keep them beautiful for years to come. Being removable makes them easy to transport whether you choose to play in the hospital with patients, around the campfire in the woods or in a classroom full of children with sticky fingers. !Wherever you want!

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