5 Hit techniques to be better in the Djembe.

by Shopify API August 02 2018

5 Hit techniques to be better in the Djembe.

You already bought your Djembe and you don't know what is going on? Do you want to know how to place your hands on your Djembe? Do you want to know techniques to play the Djembe?

When it comes to percussion instruments, at Tamboreria (CDMX) we are experts to help you get that rhythm you have in your veins.

Go for your Djembe because here I will explain what are the blows that will make you look like an African pro.

First thing's first...

The basics

Starting in a sitting position, place the djembe between your knees. Away the head of your body and tip the drum from the floor. This will allow the sound to escape and means that you can place your hands correctly.

Holding the drum at this angle also ensures that the djembe is positioned with the natural orientation of its arm. This will allow you to play with ease and more power.

To obtain the correct position of the hand, form a triangle with your hands and place it on the head of the drum; make sure your thumbs rest on the edge. The key here is to maintain this triangular shape while playing. Here are the 5 main notes you need to know ...

1 Low

The first percussion technique you need to learn is bass. It may be the easiest to play, but it is essential to play djembe; It is the most used note and forms the basis of any song or performance.

Holding your flat hand with your fingers together; hit the center of the drum with the palm of your hand. As soon as your hand hits the drum head, remove it immediately. This allows the sound to escape and the technique to run correctly.

2 Tone

Played with the fingers and not with the palm of the hand, the tone produces a more acute note than the bass. To master this technique, hit the edge of the drum with slightly cupped fingers: remember to hold them tightly together.

Each finger should hit the drum with the same tone, with the central union of the fingers on the edge of the drum. Like the bass, you need to withdraw your hand immediately after impact to emphasize the crisp sound of the note.

3 Slap

The slap is the latest 'beginner' djembe drum technique, but it is considered to be the most difficult to play. As expected, the slap is played using a 'slapping' movement. However, you must be careful not to use too much force.

Cup your hand, like trying to catch a fly on the djembe's head, and put your hand on the side drum. Hold all your fingers together, and tap the slap somewhere between the center and the edge of the drum.

This should be a unique and fast movement, but that will require a little practice to be completely right.

How you doing This takes practice, don't despair. Remember that any musical instrument requires a lot of patience, practice and time.

Let's keep going...

4 Hoop Strike

Hoop punch is a slightly more advanced technique, but it can add great depth to your music. It is similar to the tone, but has a higher tone. This note is played on the same edge of the drum, with the fingertips.

Place your hand so that the first joint of your fingers is on the edge; This may mean that only your second and half finger will play the drum. Like the tone, hit the head of the drum so that all your fingers touch the head at the same time. As with all these four notes, remove your hand after hitting the drum.

5 Cushioned Tone

The fifth and final percussion technique is the muffled tone. This variation of tone It reproduces in exactly the same way with a key difference. Instead of pulling the hand after playing the drum, keep it on the drum head. This will muffle the sound, creating its unique effect.

This is all for now, remember to continue reading the blogs because we hope you like them a lot and help you machin.

Remember to come to Tamboreria for your drums.

I love you so much, Karen Castillo.

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