5 Traditional dances from Africa.

by Shopify API November 20, 2018

5 Traditional dances from Africa.

When we talk about Africa, its music, instruments like the Djembe, we cannot put aside all those African dances that make us crazy to those who can only look because we don't have the rhythm through our veins to dance at that kind of rhythm.
African dances become much more interesting when we know what they are about.
In this blog I will explain 5 traditional dances that will make you fascinated much more by the African culture.


#1 Agbadza:
Agbadza is one of the oldest musical types performed by Southern Ewe of Ghana, Togo, Benin and parts of southwest Nigeria. Agbadza derives from an older war dance known as Atrikpui.
Dance is usually played at funerals, weddings and parties.
Everyone is welcome to join the dance, unlike other Ewe dances, which are sometimes reserved for people of a certain age, religion or gender. The dance is sometimes referred to as the "chicken dance" due to the bird movements required for the dance.

#2 Muwogola dance:
The Muwogola dance originates in the Baganda tribe of Uganda and is performed by men and women.

An old king of Buganda (kabaka) really enjoys local beer, fool omwenge. Silly, It is made from banana plants, and the name comes from the word tontomera from Lugandan, which means "Don't knock me down". In a meeting, this king drinks too much of beer and becomes "very happy." (In Buganda, it is taboo to say that the king is drunk; you can only say that the king is very happy.) The king begins to praise the people who had made the beer, saying abaakisiimba, Meaning "those who planted beer. bananas"and Bebaakiwoomya, "they made it delicious."

#3 Pat Pat:

Pat Pat dance is the traditional dance of the Jola people from Senegal gambia. It involves rhythmically stroking the body and rapid movements of the legs.

#4 Eskista:
Eskista is a traditional Ethiopian dance (from the country of Ethiopia) performed by men and women that is known for its unique emphasis on intense shoulder movement. The dance is characterized by the swinging of the shoulder blades, bouncing the shoulders and the inclination of the chest. Eskista is typically performed in traditional Ethiopian music, but can often be incorporated into modern forms of music.

#5 Adowa:

Adowa is by far the most widespread and most frequently performed social dance of the Akan people of Ghana. The Akan are located in Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, East, Center and parts of the Volta Regions of Ghana. It is best described in the Akan musical traditions as a women's dance because they dominate the performance.
The adowa is a popular dance that is widespread among the Akan and is performed during funerals and public social events. An adowa ensemble comprises a lead singer, a chorus and percussion instruments. The leader and the choir are almost always middle-aged women, who are accompanied with applause and / or with a double Dawure bell or an atoke bell.

These are some 5 traditional dances from Africa, if you notice any difference between them, write in the comments what it is that makes a difference.
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