the bongos

by Shopify API June 03, 2019

The bongos are a percussion instrument Afro-Cuban which consists of a couple of 
Small open bottom drums of different sizes.
In Spanish, the biggest drum is called female (female)
and the smallest male (male).

The Temazcal de México and its music

by Shopify API March 29th, 2019

The tamzacal is one of the greatest types of healing in Mexico.
Did you already know all this?

What to do in Puerto Morelos? (Music and experience)

by Shopify API February 26

Do you want to know the Caribbean and want to have cultural and artistic experiences? This is for you!

Afro-Cuban instrument

by Shopify API February 20

When it comes to Afro-Cuban instruments, the DRUM is your best option if you live in Mexico City or in the interior of the Republic.

Djembé percussionist women

by Shopify API February 18

Do you know percussionist women fighting in a culture like Africana?

Why is percussion important?

by Shopify API February 13

Do you want to know why percussion is so important for human beings?


African Djembes in Mexico City

by Shopify API February 11

Are you looking for Djembes from Africa in Mexico?

This will interest you!

Leguero bass drum.

by Shopify API February 05

Do you want to know more about the kick bass drum or what is it?

Darbuka musicians

by Shopify API February 04

Tired of looking for artists who play the Darbuka drum?
Check out the following!

Where is Balkan music from?

by Shopify API February 01

What is Balkan music?

Here we tell you about this!

Tamboreria - The best drum shop in Mexico.

by Shopify API January 30, 2019

Don't you know why Tamboreria is the best store?
Find out here!

Teponaztli drum.

by Shopify API January 21, 2019

Did you already know the Teponaztli drum? Did you know what is Mexican?

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