Banjos / Ubass / Guitaleles / Baritonos

The U bass are Basses / Ukuleles, a bass of size of Ukulele and has 4 strings, of material patented by the Kala brand. They are really amazing, we guarantee you will love it, it has an incredible sound that you will not find anywhere else; It has an electroacoustic system and with tuner included in one of its sides.

The Banjos Ukuleles or Banjoleles You will love the Kala brand for small, practical, incredible sound and guaranteed design and quality; We have them in 2 sizes; in Soprano and in Concert.

The Guitaleles: The best combination! A guitar the size of a Ukulele, and with the quality of Luna Guitars. Simply amazing sound, perfect size! Quality, size, sound, design. You cannot refuse to have a Guitalele if you play Guitar or, if you play Ukulele and want to start playing Guitar!

The Baritons: El Baritone Ukulele It has the greatest length with 78 cm long, its tuning is more serious compared to the previous ones, this is in G6 (D, G, B, E) practically equal to the tuning of the normal guitar, if you are a guitarist you will adapt very easy to him, his serious sound departs a little from the original sound of the ukulele but its small size construction and its material, give it a very characteristic sound compared to an acoustic guitar