Ukulele for children - Benefits of music

by Mariana Valdez July 28, 2020

Ukulele for children - Benefits of music

Alohaa Ukuleleria friends.

Can you imagine how many are the benefits of music for our little ones?
If you are dad, uncle ... older brother or you are in the education sector, take into account these benefits of music for children and as soon as possible, put an instrument to play to these little ones around you. :)

Personally I started with music since I was little, and now at 28 I feel like a person with many intellectual and psychomotor skills.

So when I had my baby, I did not hesitate to guide him along the same path, and since I was in the womb, I dedicated myself to putting music of all kinds, Classical, mantras ... and the truth to Salsa.
When he was born, his lullabies were called Lullabies, he grew up and I let him explore with some of the instruments that we have at home such as Piano, Drums and Ukulele.

now he is too young to teach him very thoroughly, but how old he is. I will surely do it naturally.

What age is ideal to start playing ukulele?

Well, I have read on several sides and on the recommendation of friends that the ideal to teach children to play an instrument is between 5 and 6 years old, since it seems to me is the age that they have the most concentration, that is. IF AT THAT AGE HE WILL CASE YOU haha, and you can better attract her attention.

Also, they have a little more control in their body, and if you do it naturally, without obligation and fun, you will surely have good results.

5 benefits of playing ukulele for kids

1. Improve your mood

Well, for those who don't like happy music, the ukulele produces happy rhythms. Sure in this learning the songs that they can start playing are their favorite songs, from children's movies and linking it to that is sure to excite them a lot. by touching it and seeing it in its movies and saying look! the ukulele song.

2. Form of expression

Encourage him to write songs, sure to express his feelings through stories ... songs ... will give them more confidence, knowing that they hear him.
Let them sing, dance, move, jump ... let all their emotions come out !!

3.Stimulates problem solving

During this new learning process you will be working your hemispheres, your motor skills, and doing many things at the same time, so you will surely develop extra skills in the study, because your mind will be very active.

4. Improve your social environment

here they will interact a lot, between adults and children and if you have a group of children, this will make them socialize more with each other, to solve doubts, to teach how they play, etc.

5. Stimulates the ability to concentrate.

At the moment of explaining, and asking them to follow your steps, he looks like I do, you will have a pair of little eyes very aware of your movements to learn.

and of course! Surely the list goes on.
So now you know what to do now in quarantine or holidays with your children, little nieces. it will keep them busy and it sure will bring many rewards for everyone.


Mariana Valdez
Mariana Valdez


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