As it is a Poor Quality Ukulele, what should I look at.

by Mariana Valdez 21 September, 2020

As it is a Poor Quality Ukulele, what should I look at.

Aloha ukulelist! Aloha ukulelist!

We give you some good tips to review some details in your ukulele or future ukulele.
Outside of the place where you buy it, the brand and all the variants that it takes to choose a good ukulele, we give you these 3 characteristics to know if the ukulele is not cool. (poor quality)

3 THINGS a poor quality ukulele has

This list was made with my eye as a ukulelist, and all the ukuleles that I have seen in this adventure, different brands, stores, friends and clients.
and I could tell you like this:

1. Fake or poor quality wood.

How to know if the wood is good? good to start the most recommended for ukuleles or the most common rather, is that they are Mahogany ukuleles.
However, you can find ukuleles made of other types of wood, very good! in quality and sound.
And on the other hand, Ukuleles with wood is missing or of very low quality.

You can check this by looking closely, touching the wood and more in detail inside the ukulele mouth: You may notice patches, paint, and a little more of the natural material from which it is made.

2. Misplaced parts of the ukulele.

Here you can see it without inspecting it thoroughly, if it is of poor quality you will notice: Bridge at a different level or crooked, plastic materials sooo bad, (the one made of plastic is not bad quality, the type of plastic is)
pegs loose and out of place.
It's more! until the simpler finishes like highly exposed glue.

This will only make your ukulele not work well, even if you cannot tune it and its sound or speak, it will not be what you expect to hear.

3. Strings of other material.

That's right, ukuleles generally use nylon strings, you can find variants in these strings, but if they are from professional brands they have a reason, to make them more resistant, or special for a certain type of sound.

What is wrong is that they look very flat strings, or that they do not go for this instrument like some ukuleles for children, which use blue hemp strings. Have you seen them? well if you see this on a ukulele run! because it surely doesn't have the sound it should have.

These are 3 things that could give you an alert that the ukulele you are holding is not of the best quality,

Please note that there is brands who are specialists in these instruments and I could confidently tell you that you will not suffer from this kind of thing: P
but if your budget or project with the ukulele want to opt for something else economic just check these details so you can enjoy everything at all this beautiful instrument.

* I used these photos which are of a toy ukulele, but it seemed like the perfect example to compare with a good quality ukulele.

Mariana valdez
Mariana valdez


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