Where to play petanque in Mexico - Petanclub Gdl (Guadalajara)

by Shopify API May 06, 2019

Play petanque in Guadalajara
Petanclub Gdl
Born in January of 2019, after several French and Mexicans met for a few months on the last Sunday of each month,

Where to play petanque in Mexico - Casa Costal

by Shopify API March 29th, 2019

Play Petanque in a heavenly place located in the middle of the jungle in the Mexican Caribbean, in the peaceful Puerto Morelos in Quintana Ro, a place that will amaze you

Modalities we didn't know about OBUT

by Shopify API March 06th, 2019

Just when we thought we knew everything about the Petanque Obut surprises us with its modalities of games and events. Then we will announce the 3 modalities that most stole our attention in the petanque:

3 Tips to Avoid Petanque Injuries

by Shopify API February 27

Learn with us how to avoid injuries when playing petanque, tips and help so that you understand the game.

Petanque in the rain

by Shopify API February 20

OBUT: The Best Brand For Petanque

by Shopify API February 13

The best brand for petanque OBUT, its best products can be found at petanque.mx in the Roma Norte neighborhood, Colima 23, CDMX.

Petanque Mexico - the world of petanque in Mexico

by Shopify API February 05

products, tutorials, practice games, tournaments and the largest community of people who somehow like "Petanque", are part of a Club, or have some space to enjoy.

3er Mexican Tournament of Petanque San Luis Potosí.

by Shopify API January 31, 2019

The Petanque Mexican Tournament is one of the most booming in our country, with more than 140 participants, this year 2019 will play one of the most exciting tournaments in Mexico.

Petanque clubs in Mexico - Lugareño cocina

by Shopify API January 23, 2019

Lugareño Cocina is a restaurant located in San José del Cabo, Mexico, inside the Villa Valentina Plaza

It serves regional Mexican cuisine and has a Petanque court so that its visitors know and taste this beautiful size.

What are the best petanque balls to start playing? - Loisir ME

by Shopify API January 23, 2019

If you are looking to share a game seriously with your friends or family Loisir ME They are the best option since you only have to worry about the design you choose, since its diameter does not vary, it is similar to a professional-sized ball and with an ideal weight so that it does not bounce so much when making high shots, with Different designs for easy dot counting

What is petanque and how is it played?

by Shopify API January 17, 2019

In this sport you must launch metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called Cochon or Meta, previously thrown by a player, with both feet on the ground and in static position from a certain area.

Petanque clubs in Mexico - Santa Anita Bowling Club, in Guadalajara, Jalisco

by Shopify API January 12, 2019

Play petanque in Guadalajara On Thursday in these 2 courts located in Monterrey Park, located near Plaza Mexico, the other court is in a square on the Av. Circunvalación almost corner Av. Avila Camacho
Both courts are located in public places.

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