Where is Balkan music from?

¿De dónde es la música balcánica?

Today I want to pay tribute to some guys who are proud because with a giant distance, they have a very strong love for this genre, they recently came to the store and we recorded a session of their Balkan music ... 

I had some knowledge about Balkan music but I was not very clear about its history, since in a matter of musical genres there are many variants. 

I am going to leave you the sessions that we did to you so you can hear a little about what they are and what Balkan music is. 

While listening to these wonderful musicians, let me explain a little about the history or the root of this kind of music ...

First we must know who are the countries called Balkans ...

  • Albania
  • Bulgaria 
  • Croatia 
  • Slovenia 
  • Bosnia y Herzegovina
  • Greece
  • Italy 
  • Macedonia 
  • Montenegro 
  • Romania 
  • Serbia 
  • Turkey 

This list is from the countries from which we can derive Balkan music ... 

But ... Why does it sound like it does? 

Well, in my opinion Balkan music sounds so fascinating because it is a unique combination of different cultures in music as I mentioned to you, the countries above have their own folklore but what makes Balkan music so special is all that same combination of sounds , super characteristic instruments or not, hahaha. 

 Now that we understand that Balkan music is named after the mixture of these countries, I am going to leave you some examples of music from one of these countries and you can find the similarities ...





I hope this blog has landed your best in terms of Balkan music.

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