Leguero bass drum.

Bombo Legüero.

El Bombo Legüero As such, it probably has its origin in colonial times. In the American territory, the original peoples that inhabited these vast lands already used a percussion instrument of these characteristics, known as native hype.

The Spaniards arrived in America carrying their military drums that inspired the natives to use wooden rings and tensioners, thus generating the birth of the Creole bass drum.

The interpreter who plays the bass drum is called, "Bombista"


I had no idea that this was the name of the musician of the hype drummer, until I began to investigate more about this beautiful instrument.

One of the genres that is played this instrument is called, "Chacarera" and has other variations.

What is this?

The chacarera is a musical genre of Argentine folklore. One of the most characteristic of our folklore.
While it belongs to popular music, as it happens with zamba and other genres of folklore; It is intimately linked with dancing. With an established choreography. Thus, The structure of the song is also established.


Something I learned in my search for music that had this instrument I found a great surprise ... 

There is a song called "Because you and I shine" is from the bacilli group and it caused me a big surprise and if you don't believe me ...

The drum that is heard in the background at the beginning is a bass drum.



I know, it's impressive that in such common things we find great surprises like these ...

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