The Temazcal de México and its music

El Temazcal de México y su música

I know that a while ago I did not write for drumming but here I am. Little of what they know is that I have worked for the CASA COSTAL project where you can find out about it by clicking on the image.

Now, let's talk about what interests us, EL TEMAZCAL IN MEXICO. 

It is amazing how certain words in our languages ​​like Mexicas have an incredible meaning, Temazcal means "house where you sweat.

The Temazcal is a place where traditional medicine is practiced through steam baths, it has many benefits among them you can find: 

  • Spiritual Relaxation 
  • Clean the airways
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduce postpartum pain 
  • Detoxifies the skin 
  • Among many others

Do not believe that all this is simply with the steam of natural water, what helps all this is that different types of medicinal herbs that turn into steam are put on bright red stones and that is what will act in our body through the pathways Respiratory and absorption of our skin pores. 

Now let's talk about music, there is too much music that helps the relaxation of the body and the mind, it is usually pre-Hispanic music or songs with the song "Spiral towards the center."

There are several types of musical instruments to give more effectiveness to this type of healing, the Huehuetl drums are one of them, also the "shamanic" drums or known as Panhuehuetl drums.

If you want to know more about these drums, remember to check the blog about CHAMANIC DRUMS! 


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